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Between them, our celebrity supporters have tonnes of experience in a wide variety of music-related careers. They’re all passionate about music, and share our belief in the life-changing power of music-making.

Myleene Klass: presenter and multi-instrumentalist

"As a musician, a broadcaster, and a mum, I can think of no better language than music. It has taken me to every corner of the globe and given me opportunities that I never even knew were possible. I support Youth Music because its passion to introduce, inspire and surround children with music is so powerful. It’s inclusive of different abilities and backgrounds and brings everyone together. That’s what music should be about.”

Bicep: electronic music duo Matt McBriar and Andy Ferguson

“When we were younger, we were lucky enough to have a couple of breakthrough moments working with other producers who were much more experienced than us. They opened our eyes and ears up to the possibilities of reaching our full potential as music producers. We support Youth Music as we love the idea of enabling other young people to have similar experiences and hope to be able to contribute towards better facilities and resources for young musicians.”

Kathryn Tickell: folk musician and band leader

"Music can be a career, a hobby, entertainment, but for some people it is literally a life-saver. The power of music to help with self-esteem, confidence, concentration, communication and social skills is incredible, and vastly underrated. I know many young people whose lives have been transformed by music and I am a passionate supporter of the incredible work done by Youth Music."

Ollie Howell: award-winning musician and composer

“The musical support and opportunities I received growing up not only helped fuel my career as a professional musician, but also helped me through my recovery of multiple brain surgeries. The impact music can have on someone, and particularly young people, is simply unparalleled, and sadly not all children have the much-needed access to it growing up. I strongly share Youth Music's vision that all young people deserve the right to have access and opportunities for music wherever they are, and that could potentially lead to changing their lives. It’s a great honour to be an Ambassador for such a wonderful and important organisation.”