You are here: Up-and-coming rappers talk counter-extremism on national radio

“Be a maverick”

Music Fusion’s CEO Jinx Prowse told us: “The risk of falling prey to extremist ideologies is a side-effect of the fact these young people are disengaged, disillusioned – they often have nowhere to go and nothing to do, no cause to get behind. They’re sat in their bedroom on their own, on social media which is where far-right activists are a very powerful voice.

“That’s where we come in. We go ‘okay, you could follow everyone else… or you could choose to be a maverick and do your own thing’.

“So there’s the solution – give them somewhere to go, somewhere to connect. We see a lot of real friendships that these young people aren’t gonna get on the estates.”

Powerful words

Music Fusion’s work has earned special praise from the Home Office, whose staff were blown away when they heard this rap recorded by Maz, one of the young artists from the project.

Have a listen – we think it’s pretty incredible too:

Originally launched in 2011, each incarnation of Mavericks has seen the participants work towards recording and releasing a full-length album. Guest mentors have included established UK rap artists such as Harry Shotta, Logic and Mic Righteous.

Alongside Maz, the young people interviewed for the Today programme included Matt, a participant turned music leader who also starred in our 2016 Youth Music video, and Kizz, an up-and-coming artist who’s currently taking part in the project.

Meet the artists

Hear some more great music and watch the Mavericks crew talk about how they’ve benefitted musically, personally and socially from the project. (Video length: 6 minutes)

*Contains mild swearing