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Every Youth Music project measures its impact, helping us build a unique national overview.

Our projects help young people to develop musically, of course, but they also have personal and social outcomes too. We support young people to build their confidence, resilience, and self-esteem. To meet different kinds of people, learn to trust each other, and make friends. To develop vital skills they need, get support to be able to face the world, and take control of their own lives.

Social outcomes

One of the best parts of making music is making music together. Singing in harmony, forming a band, drumming in a group. These activities can create the same sense of pride and euphoria as team sports – and no-one loses.

Girl in hospital playing guitar

Music-making and healthcare

Getting the chance to take part in music-making while in hospital or another healthcare setting has been shown to benefit children and young people in a number of ways.

Teenage boy playing guitar with three other teenage boys playing saxophone and trumpet in the background

Music-making and coldspots

Many children and young people face barriers to accessing music-making opportunities as a direct result of where or who they are. We’re determined to change this.

A young man in a baseball cap performs on stage with microphones either side and his arms in the air, his back to the camera, facing a large crowd.

Music-making and youth justice

Children and young people in the youth justice system often face a complex variety of issues in their lives. Providing more music-making opportunities for these young people is one of our top priorities.

Two young disabled musicians playing the Clarion

Music-making and disability

Around a quarter of Youth Music projects specialise in working with young people in special educational needs and/or disability (SEN/D) settings.

Young man playing acoustic guitar on stage

Our Impact Report

Every Youth Music project measures its impact, helping us build a unique national overview.

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