Having a vast musical background, Hasselmann is a multifaceted artist. Either playing drums - his first and native instrument - , harmonica, percussion or acting as a DJ/Producer, his adventurous character and intense persona has taken him far away from his homeland on the southern shores of Brazil; whether jamming on the bars of Southeast Asia, crossing Europe seeking music festivals, organising and playing trance parties in places such as New Zealand or roaming around the American continent, nothing seems further enough when it comes to music. Throughout the last 15 years Hasselman has been developing his musical abilities dedicating himself to the study of instruments as diverse as drums, piano or sax, and devoting time beyond countin to the art of musical production. Restless as can be, Hasselman brings in a blend of the techno waggle and a intricate psychedelic sound design in a groove packed blazing collection of tunes

Zigfrid von Underbelly

11 Hoxton Square, London London N1 6NU