From Itlaly, Mercutio are an outstanding alternative band fusing so many influences in their melodic and powerful live set. Having toured widely in Italy and Europe Mercutio ae now London based. Taking inspiration from Muse, Radiohead and vintage classic rock, progreessive and psych influences too, their sound is quite unique and beautiful. The band co-write alongside producer Gianluca Cucchiara

Alex Gibson

Having honed his busking skills on the streets of Sydney, Alex is truly a stand out artist with a voice both sweet and sultry. Quite simply, Alex has the sort of rare, direct songwriting and connection that quite frequently can silence a room Having recorded his debut Album and toured extensively Australia, we are so fortunate to currently have Alex UK based and performing live across London at venues such as Ronnies, Half Moon and Hard Rock Cafe as well as regionally as part of the Cafe Nero UK Tour. “He wowed the crowd with an exceptional vocal range that could bring a tear to a statue’s eye” - Back to Indie


British soul artist Basheba has her own special sound. A singer, writer and producer, Basheba cleverly combines distinctive references to her Bajen roots with her stunning soulful vocals, and club influenced Drum ‘N’ Bass and Breakbeat rhythms and futuristic sounds. “Basheba combines dark, blues influenced vocals with hard- edged Drum ‘N’ Bass beats, so it’s no wonder the likes of Rudimental have asked to work with her” - Fred Perry, Subculture

Astor Hostel Hyde Park

191 Queen's Gate, South Kensington London SW7 5EU