Gina Atkins

Gina is a pure ball of energy on stage with enthusiasm that never ends. From the Arctic monkeys to Eminem shes covers it all with her originals complementing beautifully. Shes a Leeds based artist, gigging all around this amazing, stunning, cultural city.


Pura Bliss is a singer/songwriter Glastonbury in Somerset (known for its famous festival). Being immersed in Popular and Jazz styles from a young age as well as coming from a classically trained background has inspired her to pursue her own career using this individual mix of influences as a standalone solo artist. Currently studying a Popular course at Leeds College of Music, and gigging since September 2016. Pura’s writing has progressed with the influences, experiences she has acquired since being in the area. “Starting up a band was my main focus since beginning studying in Leeds, writing alone is awesome but nothing compares to creating ideas with other musician’s, you learn so much!”. A mixture of her unique blend of instrument and collaborations has brought the material that she is currently producing and performing all around Leeds.

Northern Comfort

Northern Comfort, a four piece brit-rock band from Leeds/Bradford are about to set the Yorkshire scene alight by bringing britpop back. Consisting of frontman Luke D’Apolito, lead guitarist Sam Morfitt, Bassist Hannah Barraclough and drummer Ciaran Harper, the band have distinguished themselves from other artists in Leeds by combining 90’s britpop nostalgia with the indie energy expected of a Leeds band. Although drawing influence collectively from the Madchester/Britpop movements it is the band’s individual tastes that encourage their distinct sound. From modern psychedelia, through to metal and grunge, this exciting mix of genres allow Northern Comfort to experiment with their writing and recording process and gives them a natural edge that many do not have. In the last year since forming, Northern Comfort have played a number of gigs across Leeds and Bradford supporting Neon Dolls, The Gallery and Conflare. As well as playing a sold out Musicians against homelessness gig in Bradford. This year has seen Northern Comfort play at a number of venues such as The Lending Room, The Key Club and the legendary Brudenell Social Club. 2017 through to early 2018 will see the band release their heavily anticipated, first single. Keep an eye out for this band who have crafted a unique, raw sound that that is set to pick up right where britpop left off almost twenty years ago. 'Oasis Who? Northern Comfort are ready to take over the Leeds indie Music scene' - Halfway to Nowhere 'A high-energy live band, who are great at getting the crowd going, with quality original songs to match' - The Elephant Trees 'Rising from the ashes of 90s Britpop, Northern Comfort have the swagger of Oasis with a modern twist of catchy choruses and solid melodies' – Conflare

Maisie Atkinson

Maisie is a 20 year old singer-songwriter from Scarborough, now based in Leeds. Maisie has performed across the Yorkshire music scene for 4 years now in various bands, duos and as a solo artist. "She adds her musical flare and passion to the songs she writes - inspired by the works of Carole King, Joni Mitchell and Tori Amos."

Crowd of Favors

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