Mantronix the King of Beats live in the UK for the first time this century! One of the most influential 1980's Hip-Hop and Electro Funk musicians!

Hits include "Got to have your love", "Bassline", "King of Beats", "Ladies", "Take your time", "Scream", "Who is it?", "Needle to the Groove", "Fresh is the word", We control the dice", "Simple Simon".


DJ X-Rated (2016 UK DMC Scratch Champion)
Chad Jackson (1987 DMC World Champion)
Roger Johnson (1985 DMC World Champion and International Champion)
Mr Flip & more TBC

The Tower Arena

Marine Parade Great Yarmouth NR30 2EW


One of the most influential Hip Hop producers of the 1980s, Kurtis Mantronik returned in the mid-'90s with a solo career, fitting in well with the legion of big beat artists/producers he had inspired and spawned several hits as an artist, producer and remixer, that continued well into the noughties. In many ways, Kurtis Mantronik is the sonic godfather of much of what has gone on in Hip Hop in the last few years, such as the use of 808 drum sounds to create moody music meant to transcend the genre. Kurtis Mantronik was one of the pioneers and creative geniuses of drum machine-based Hip Hop, using his Roland 808 to produce ground-breaking hardcore Rap records for T La Rock and Just-Ice (cited as the start of Gangster Rap), at the same time he was making his mark on Electro, Freestyle and later, House. Kurtis produced one of freestyle's most seminal tracks, in Joyce Sims' '(You Are My) All And All', as well as Joyce's other international hit, 'Come Into My Life'. '(You Are My) All And All' was the first song to feature (808) hi-hat triplets sequenced on a drum machine. Does that make Kurtis 'King of the Beats' Mantronix the true pioneer of the Trap genre?