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The East Midlands is a varied region, with market towns surrounded by large scale agricultural production in the east, and the urban areas of Northampton, Corby and Leicester in the west along the M1 corridor.

The more sparsely populated districts of Lincolnshire are rural and often isolated. Deprivation is highest around urban areas, along the coast and further north around Nottingham, Mansfield and Chesterfield.

Reece’s story

Reece experienced bullying at school, depression and social anxiety, which stopped him singing. The Outburst project for LGBT young people in Nottingham helped him to express his personality, make new friends, and begin to consider a career in music.

Mollie’s story

Mollie, a talented singer from Derby, has faced many difficulties in her 17 years. Living in care. Running away. Being arrested. Becoming a mum. It’s no wonder that getting an education has been a challenge at times.

Mackworth Grime

Musicians from Baby People's Community Studios project in Mackworth, Derby. The young people decided to work collaboratively rather than as solo artists, deciding that they could make more noise and gain more exposure as a crew.


The Electrospective Music Academy in Derby gave a group of young people the chance to learn songwriting, recording and production skills.


The organisations we invest in across the East Midlands region

SEND Project

SEND's Sound & Vision

Derbyshire Music Education Hub

Musical Communities

Lincolnshire One Venues (LOV) - LITC

LOV Music

Nottingham Play Forum Ltd

Nottingham Scrap Band

Baby People

Baby People Area Studios In-Residence

Northamptonshire Music & Performing Arts Trust (NMPAT)

Music Forge

Absolute Arts

Absolute Music

The Community Recording Studio

Sound Machine

The Pythian Club

The Pythian Music Project

Free 2 Talk Community Interest Company

Get Real Youth Music

In Music In Media Ltd

Musically Unorthadox

Derbyshire Music Education Hub

Exchanging Notes Derbyshire

The Spark Arts For Children

Tiny Sparks 18: early years music residency

Cosmopolitan Arts

Highfields Youth Music Project

Candy Arts

Music 4 Film

Baby People

Step Up

Soft Touch Arts Ltd

Mixt Up

Pedestrian Limited


EPIC Partners

Music Meltdown

Forward Thinking Movement and Dance CIC

FTM Music Sessions

Wild Things Ecological Education Collective Ltd.

Wild Sounds

Scarlet Community Music Club

Countryside Chords


Embedding Music in Children's Hospitals

Nottinghamshire YMCA

Newark Young Creatives

Nottingham Play Forum Ltd

Nottingham Scrap Band

2Funky Arts Ltd

The Grime Sessions

Wirksworth Festival

Reaching Altitude

Nottinghamshire YMCA

Young Creatives


Perfect Socre

2Funky Arts Ltd

Getting Out

SEND Project

Sound & Vision

High Peak Community Arts


Lincolnshire One Venues (LOV)


Map of England with markers for Youth Music projects

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