Supporting young people with talent

Our goal is to ensure that all children with musical talent and potential have opportunities to develop their talent regardless of background or chosen genre. 

Many young musicians are amazingly creative and inspiring in their music making. When they are encouraged by working with skilled musicians and given environments in which their learning can be fast tracked and their creativity can blossom, their ability to create new music and surpass all expectations is breathtaking. 

Not all young people are in the position to continue their musical careers to a high level. However, many Youth Music funded projects aim to ensure that the nation's most talented young musicians have access to these opportunities.


Sophie’s story

Like many of the young people that attend Youth Music projects, Sophie's life has been far from a dream.

Find out how music made a difference for her



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Since 1999, Youth Music has helped young people create 22,364 new works and compositions.

Help us give even more disadvantaged children and young people the chance to make music.

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