Supporting young people facing challenges

We help transform the lives of disadvantaged children and young people by supporting them to achieve their full potential through engagement and progression in music making.

For children and young people who have had a difficult start in life, involvement in music making can really turn things around. As a tool for self expression, therapy and personal growth, music is uniquely placed to help. 

Being involved in a music project where they are supported and encouraged, their creativity welcomed and nurtured, allows young people with difficult lives to begin to find their way, take charge of their lives and take positive steps for the future.


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92% of Youth Music projects assist with the behavioural needs of young people, building respect, confidence and self-esteem.

With your support, we can transform many more young lives.

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"I had a weird upbringing where I was bit unusual. I was bullied a bit, my way out of that was by being in a band.

It became my identity. It’s a way out of lots of things. It’s definitely Power. Because otherwise I’d be working at the check out."

Dan Gillespie Sells, The Feeling