Our Ambassador Myleene Klass explains why she supports Youth Music

Posted: 04 March 2013

"New music skills give confidence, higher aspirations and employment opportunities to many who might otherwise fall through the net," she says.

Launching her video appeal for Youth Music, Myleene she talks about the importance of our work and the benefits for the young people it supports.

“Every year, Youth Music supports music-making opportunities for thousands of children and young people who might otherwise be missing out - whether it’s learning an instrument, developing music production skills in a studio or performing onstage. New music skills give confidence, higher aspirations and employment opportunities to many who might otherwise fall through the net.”

For some young people, attending a Youth Music funded project has been a lifesaver.  One young participant, Rio Callan, faced challenges as a teenager coping with family problems and gang violence on a south London council estate. Several of his peers ended up in jail or died through violence and drug misuse.  However, Rio, now 22, was put in touch with a Youth Music funded project and discovered his talent for writing and performing music.

He continues to do this now while working as a special needs teaching assistant in a south London school. “If it hadn’t been for Youth Music I probably wouldn’t still be here today”, he says.

Youth Music also supports early music learning for infants.  At three years old, Bethany had difficulties communicating and was referred to a Youth Music funded project at a children's centre in Somerset by her speech therapist.   By the end of the project, Bethany’s speech had improved dramatically. She was very expressive, keen to communicate, and it was now possible to understand most of her words.

As a mother, Myleene appreciates the importance of music in a child’s life. She says:

“I think that music is vitally important. Whether you dream for your little one to sing on the west end stage or just in the shower, music has consistently been proven to help with a child's development, speech, co-ordination, team skills and in my case, maths.”

Myleene has revealed previously how even when she was pregnant with her first child Ava, she made sure to expose her to music.

“I recorded an album when I was pregnant and rehearsed for a second one as well presenting shows on Classic FM and Capital Radio so again, Ava heard a lot of different songs and sounds in the womb. I even have photos of me recording shows with an extra set of headphones on my bump so Ava could hear what mama was playing to the nation”.

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