How a Youth Music project helped Christina play again

How a Youth Music project helped Christina play again

Music can help children like Christina with physical and emotional recovery

Posted: 23 October 2012

At thirteen Christina was in a serious road traffic accident which left her in a coma for weeks. She thought she'd never make music again, until she joined a Youth Music project.

At the time Christina was all set to be a budding A* GCSE music student with Grade 6 Singing and Grade 5 Flute behind her, singing in the county youth choir and playing in her school orchestra.

She remembers:

 “I was told I would never walk or talk again and if I survived, all I’d ever be able to do was breathe.”

Road to recovery

Christina’s remarkable road to recovery over the last four and a half years led to a meeting with a Youth Music project called Music Fusion. She took part in a workshop where she learned to use the Sound Beam: a touch-free device which uses sensor technology to translate body movement into music and sound.

She remembers trying the Sound Beam for the first time:

“It was amazing for me because I could play the flute again! With my hands! See my accident left me with no breath, so playing the flute was hard even though I could still move my arms quite well. With Sound Beam I could find certain parts of the air to make different pitches without running out of breath!”

Finding a future through music

Christina went on to join the project's Beam Team, who meet regularly to make music and develop their music leadership skills.

I see music as a real healer for all my emotional stresses. I use stories in my head when playing with Sound Beam and see making music as a release of all my bottled up problems.”  

Christina’s involvement with the Beam Team led to her becoming a regular presenter of Music Fusion's weekly radio show where she continues to share her music and views with listeners. 

Christina is now studying for a diploma in community care at college three days a week and in future hopes to work along others with acquired head injuries.

Her involvement with the Youth Music project counts towards the community work aspect of her qualification and in future she hopes it will inform her work in therapy with people with disabilities.

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